Gun Oil and Lubricant

Gun Oil

At Shiloh Creek Products, we developed an oil that is superior to all other non-synthetic petroleum distillates.

Our Gun-Oil is a highly refined petroleum distillate that is five times more wettable than water (tech talk for it flows much easier than water) and will not chelate or gum up actions. (tech talk for it will not make you cuss while aiming at that big buck or target because the action in your rifle does not work properly). It flows at -20F to +140F and will not attract dirt or dust molecules. It will not harm stock finishes. Use it on your actions, swipe down your barrel inside and out before putting it away like we do, and your rifle will be ready to go the next time you go out to shoot. We even have a man from Holland who uses it to repair old delicate clocks.

Our Shiloh Creek oil comes in a 2oz plastic bottle with a easy pour pop up top. It’s small enough to stick anywhere, but big enough to last you a season or more. Buy a few and hand them out to your shooting buddies, That way they’ll stop using yours.