Gun Bore Solvent

Bore Solvent

There are people who like to just plink their .22 at tin cans, and then there are the serious target shooters who demand the very best from a clean bore. Most of us fit somewhere in between. But, we all have one thing in common. We want to hit that target.

That’s how we are at Shiloh Creek, and that’s why we came up with a bore solvent that will help you do just that, hit the center ring! We learned the hard way, that with a clean barrel it is much easier to hit your target than with a fouled barrel. We clean our 45-70 in between every relay during a day of Black Powder Silhouette, and it has helped us obtain higher scores. Of course, we all know that after a day of shooting, before you put your gun away you have to clean it, inside and out.

Our Bore Solvent removes all lead, powder residue, plastic wad fouling and copper from rifle, handgun, and shotgun barrels without soaking or scrubbing. Simply use a snug fitting cleaning patch on a bore jag and Shiloh Creek Bore Solvent will remove the toughest lead deposits without harming metal or wood finishes. We believe that once you try and compare our bore solvent with the one you are using now, you will not go back. Just like all the repeat customers we now have.

By the way, Shiloh Creek was also the first manufacturer to utilize a child proof cap for it’s solvent.