All Gun Cleaning Products


Shiloh Creek Products has been producing top quality gun care and maintenance products for over 20 years. Our product line offers firearms enthusiasts with the highest quality oils and solvents available on the market today.

Our Gun Oil. Shiloh Creek Gun Oil is unique in that most popular big-name brands are created with synthetic-based products. We use petroleum-based components, creating an overall more efficient product. Since this oil is a highly refined petroleum distillate, it is five times wetter than water and will not chelate or gum up actions. In addition, our oil will not attract dirt or dust molecules, keeping gun stock finishes safe.

Our Solvents. Shiloh offers a Bore Solvent and a Black Powder Solvent. Without soaking and scrubbing, these solvents remove all pesky residue and the toughest deposits without harming wood or metal finishes.