Shiloh Creek Products has been a family owned and operated business which originated over 20 years ago. Mike Fagras was the original owner and creator of the Shiloh Creek Products brand and product line. The company and it’s early origins were all run out of St. Charles, Missouri. Mr. Fagras formed Shiloh Creek Products when he finally gave up on ever finding the perfect high quality commercial oils and solvents for his firearms. After years of being frustrated with the common gun oils and solvents on the market, Shiloh Creek Products was born.

Years down the road, in late 2008, Mr. Fagras realized he no longer had the required free time it took to manage and grow the company alongside with his other duties in life. At this point in time, his nephew Colin Fagras (that’s me) took ownership of Shiloh Creek products while still managing to keep Mike around on the side for his expertise and knowledge in the industry. However, the company really didn’t move too far down the road as it’s now being run and operated out of Fort Smith, Arkansas and is still in the Fagras family.

The future of Shiloh Creek Products is looking very bright. This new website is the first stepping stone of many fast forwards coming soon to help our customers have easy and pleasant experiences while dealing with our company and products. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please visit the Contact Us page.